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Project Description
This is a simple but nice frontend for VLC media player. I have replicated a couple of things I liked about Media Player Classic and others - such as mouse-wheel controlled volume, a nicer slider, double-click fullscreen toggle and a borderless panel view mode (esc. key). It requires the .NET 3.5 framework.

It's free and hopefully people may appreciate its simplicity. Just put the contents of the binary release into your VLC player folder, and run DMediaPlayer.exe.


  • Space: Pause toggle
  • S: Stop
  • Ctrl+O: Open
  • Ctrl+C: Close
  • Ctrl+X: Exit
  • Esc: Toggle borderless panel
  • Double-click: Fullscreen toggle

Thanks to:

David Vignoni, Icon King:

Chris Meadowcroft, for his C# interop to VLC code:

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